R.I.P. Summer Plate
R.I.P. Summer Plate

R.I.P. Summer Plate

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Summer is my favorite season, it's all I think about during every month that isnt June, July, or August. As soon as September hits, I'm counting down the days until next summer. I made this mug as a commemoration to Summer 2020, when we won't be able to do the normal summer things. It memoralizes these "normal things" reminding me that good times are ahead - with baseball, coolers, beers outside at night, and wine bottles sweating in the balmy heat...I might just have to wait until Summer 2021. The plate is 9" x 9" x 1.5". It is completely functional but also has holes in the foot to string cord through if you'd rather display it on the wall.

VARIATIONS MAY OCCUR - This mug was made in a series, the mug you receive may have slight variations to the one in the picture.

Each piece is wonkily handbuilt and hand-drawn. Each line and color is done by me! If you are looking for a pristine piece of handmade ceramics then this is not it! It is built securely but with character. It is food and microwave safe, but I would recommend lovingly hand-washing it. Each piece is one of a kind, made out of earthenware clay and sgraffito-ed with goofy imagery.